Our Guests from the Galilee Medical Center

Rabbi Nat Benjamin
Our guests with Chavurah Beth Shalom founding members, Dr. Deane Penn and Susan Penn
Saturday, January 7 was a special day for our Chavurah Beth Shalom.

Despite the bitter cold and snow we had a wonderful turnout as we welcomed guests from Galilee Medical Center, located in the coastal city of Nahariya, Israel in conjunction with the Partnership2Gether program of Nahariya (Israel) and Northern New Jersey, a program that has been introduced to us by founding Chavurah Beth Shalom members, Susan Penn and Dr. Deane Penn.

Rabbi Nat Benjamin
Our guests from Nahariya along with Susan and Deane Penn along with Bjorg Ollendorff ( founding members of Chavurah Beth Shalom)

They shared with us some of the new breakthroughs in medical research, especially in the field of anti-aging.

In addition we learned about the Galilee Medical Center’s humanitarian efforts on behalf of all victims of terrorists.

This was the 2nd year we’ve enjoyed this visit and we hope to make it an annual event for out Bergen County (NJ) Chavurah.


Rabbi Nat Benjamin