Jewish Genetic Diseases

The subject of Jewish genetic disorders, is rarely discussed openly. However, since 20 per cent of the Jewish population may be carriers, the need be tested is extremely  important. 

Jews of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic ancestry may be affected because of many generations of intercommunity marriage among the dwellers of the European Shtetl  and other isolated Sephardic communities. 

Without realizing it, the genes from these disorders may be passed on to generations to come.

Testing is essential for all of us especially for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

We share below a few key resources for everyone with more to follow.

Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium

Learn About Gaucher’s Disease – 1 in 15 Ashkenazi Jews carry the genetic mutation of this disease and yet so few people even know the name. Please note carriers do not suffer from this disease but they carry it from generation to generation.

Jewish Genetic Screening

A Directory of Jewish Genetic Diseases

Jewish Genetic Disease Frequently Asked Questions