Shabbat Morning & Torah Studies at Chavurah Beth Shalom

Chavurah Beth ShalomPlease join us for Shabbat This Week:
Saturday, December 22, 2018 at the Alpine (NJ) Community House
10:30 am : Morning Shabbat with Cantor Janine Schwarz and Rabbi Nat Benjamin .
11:00 am: Torah Studies with Rabbi Nat Benjamin .
A light brunch, coffee and tea will be served to all our Chavurah Beth Shalom members, friends and their guests.

Chavurah Beth Shalom Weekly News, November 23, 2018

Rabbi Nat BenjaminSharing with you the latest news and updates from our Chavurah Beth Shalom, click here.

Please join our Chavurah Beth Shalom for Morning Shabbat, Saturday, November 24th at 10:30 am at :

Alpine Community House, 5 Old Dock Road, Alpine, NJ. 07620.

Rabbi Benjamin will host his Weekly Discussion Group at 11:00 am, following Shabbat Service. This week’s topic will continue with the Book of Genesis, 37-40 , Joseph in Egypt. A light brunch and coffee will be served to all members, their guests and friends.




Shabbat Morning at Chavurah Beth Shalom

Shabbat Shalom !
Tomorrow’s Morning Shabbat at Chavurah Beth Shalom will begin at 10:30 am. Rabbi Benjamin will lead service and joined by Cantor Janine Schwarz.
Our 11am Discussion Group , hosted by Rabbi Nat Benjamin will be on the Book of Genesis Ch. 37, Joseph and his Brothers.
Members, their guests and friends are welcome to attend. A light brunch and coffee will be served to all attendees.

Show Up For Shabbat At Chavurah Beth Shalom

Cantor Janine Schwarz joined Rabbi Nat Benjamin as we chant a Memorial Prayer for the 11 victims of Tree Of Life Synagogue at yesterday’s Shabbat Morning service.

Our Chavurah Beth Shalom Shabbat Service was followed by a discussion of Anti-Semitism in our country as members shared their views and perspectives.

Chavurah Beth Shalom

Shabbat Morning at Chavurah Beth Shalom

Chavurah Beth Shalom

Please join us in welcoming Shabbat! ✡️

– Saturday at 10:30 AM
• Sermon: Rabbi Nat Benjamin
• Music: Cantor Janine Schwarz
– Saturday at 11:00 AM
• The Great Cantors of the Golden Age, From Gershon Sirota in the early 1900’s to Moshe Kusevitsky will be our Saturday morning workshop.

We welcome our members and their guests to this special day dedicated to the Cantor, the spiritual leader who leads their congregation in songful prayer.

Chavurah Beth Shalom